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Dowís Custom Construction offers two types of contracts:
Cost Plus and Fixed Bid.
Cost Plus
  • Most common and widely used contract
  • Based on working budget agreed upon by builder and owner
  • Budget serves as a guideline for tracking costs
  • Fee is a percentage of the actual cost of the work
  • Billing process is monthly, owner receives copies of all invoicing and paperwork related to project
When is this contract appropriate?
It is appropriate to enter into this kind of contract if there are not fully developed building plans and specifications. The client is able to make certain decisions as the project develops. Cost Plus contracts are one of the best options for owners to employ because of the unlimited allowances for changes.
Fixed Bid
  • Requires a complete set of building plans and clear set of specifications for every item needed to build the home
  • Fixed lump sum amount is tabulated from the complete information provided
  • A disbursement schedule is agreed upon and draws for payments happen as work is completed.
When is this contract appropriate?
This contract works well if the client has every detail specifically planned out, and does not anticipate changes.
Each contract has its pros and cons. The client must be comfortable with the contract chosen. We will make sure to reach a decision best suited for the client's situation. We want our clients to have a complete understanding of the construction process and exactly what it entails. Trust and communication are the key factors that will allow us to give the client one of the best experiences in building a home.
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